[PD] Sympathetic strings

Pierre Massat pimassat at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 23:15:01 CET 2010

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anybody on this list would have an idea of how one can
simulate sympathetic strings in pd, using any kind of audio input
(especially NOT midi). I tried making a patch with 12 resonating filters
(moog~), each tuned to a particular frequency belonging to the chromatic
scale, but the result wasn't too good (it sounded more like a weird reverb).
My problem is basically that of isolating certain frequencies in the input
sound. I don't believe that objects like fiddle~ or sigmund~ would be very
helpful in that matter, as they always start freaking out once you feed them
with chords.
I haven't found anything useful on the internet yet.
Any idea?

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