[PD] pd crashes when trying to use built-in line in in MacBook Pro

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Tue Feb 16 19:37:37 CET 2010

Did you delete the preferences files in both 
/Users/matteo/Library/Preferences and /Library/Preferences? Everything 
with an org.puredata in front of it? Is it possible you have some 
.pdsettings or other things in your home directory that still get in the 
way? Computers are the least supernatural things I've ever encountered, 
so there has to be a file you missed somewhere...


matteo sisti sette wrote:

> It would be pretty difficult to test different versions, because Max Os 
> has this supernatural file-persistence feature (after disinstalling a pd 
> extended and deleting all its files and installing a pd vanilla, it kept 
> loading the deleted libraries) so I'm kind of afraid of installing 
> something I later will want to uninstall......

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