[PD] troubles with multichannel output

palmieri, ricardo ricardopalmieri at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 04:30:45 CET 2010

hi people.

im working in an installation using 4 audio+video channels, running in
a quadcore, 2 nvidia9600gt, 4gbram, under ubuntu 9.10 and pd 0.43.

i built this installation last november in argentina. now, we bought a
complete new setup (with some small differences) to replicate the work
in a new museum in lima-peru.

my trouble is: in the last installation, i used a 7.1 onboard
audiocard, with an Intel chipset. using an stupid "alsa force-reload",
i had all the channels opened in PD 0.41 (in ubuntu 9.10) working

now i bought a new motherboard, without a 7.1 channels, and i've tried
to use severals pci audioboard - a 4.1 crystal clear chipset, a 5.1
Via VT1724, and a m-audio 2496 4x4. all of then, in a pci slot.

ok, finally my trouble: i can get all channels working separated in
pd, but, all the time i hear a kind of "metallic" sound instead my
original sound. if i change back to a normal stereo, i can hear the
audio normally.

i made all the test of 5.1, 4.1 and 3.1. i changed to Pd 0.41, 0.42
and 0.43. in all cases, i have the same trouble.
i made some tests also, using vlc and speaker-test, and the
multichannel looks working fine ou of pd.

somebody know how to solve this? i will have my opening in the next 24
feb, and would be amazing to have the 4 audio channels working with my
4 video channels (running in pdp+gem)

thanks a lot


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