[PD] triggering audio

Martin Peach martin.peach at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 18 05:31:02 CET 2010

Maybe try the attached patch and look up the help for the objects in it 
to see what they can do.


Josh Lawrence wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 2:06 PM, Derek Holzer <derek at umatic.nl> wrote:
>> Hi Josh,
>> looks like you haven't gotten to the later AUDIO TUTORIALS chapters:
> if I can beg the forgiveness of the list and make another post:
> I've been reading over the answers presented to me and realize that I
> completely failed at asking my question.  let me give it another try,
> this time I'll tell you what I want to do in terms that make more
> sense to me:
> first, I do not want to load samples or sound files of any kind (yet).
>  this is where I messed up when I said "triggering audio."
> let's say I have an osc~ object, and I want to turn it on and off in a
> rhythmic fashion, say every quarter note, as if I were playing quarter
> notes on my midi keyboard.  what objects/methods do I need to learn
> about to do that?  I'm guess I need to look in the control section,
> but all of the examples don't actually play anything, they are just
> examples.  I really need to see *how* to use them (I have trouble
> "connecting the dots" as it were).
> I have many more questions, but I'll stop there and digest whatever comes at me.
> thank you again, and sorry for messing up the first time!

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