[PD] Window focus in gem

James Dunn james at 4thharmonic.com
Fri Feb 19 16:47:40 CET 2010

Quoth Justin Glenn Smith, on 18/02/10 19:53:
>> Hmm, I think [linuxevent] might be the way to go. There's a post from
>> Hans in the archives that suggests adding the user to the input group to
>> open the keyboard, but I think the group is root? So is this really the
>> best way to input my keyboard as an ordinary user in pd? I'd rather not
>> have my everday user account with root priveleges.
> The point of a group is not giving out root privileges. Adding a user to the input group gives access to input devices, just like adding to the audio group gives access to audio devices. The file to edit for this is /etc/group

Thanks for the tip. I worked this out in the end, despite temporarily 
disabling root priveliges on all accounts!
So now I'm using [hid], which is great! But it's outputting double 
triggers for each key press - is this normal? I've attached a patch to 
illustrate the problem and how I have worked around it for now, but 
would be interested to hear other options or alternatives.


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