[PD] Window focus in gem

James Dunn james at 4thharmonic.com
Sat Feb 20 00:40:09 CET 2010

Quoth Hans-Christoph Steiner, on 19/02/10 17:20:
> [hid] just outputs the events it gets from /dev/input/event* unless 
> you've discovered some obscure bug. What are the full events that you 
> are getting in duplicate? (i.e. key key_a 1)

This is the console output of a very basic patch with [hid/keyboard] 
connected directly to [print] and the output generated is from pressing 
the spacebar once:

[hid] 0.7, written by Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at eds.org>
compiled on Jan 26 2010 at 13:18:38
[hid] opened device 1 (/dev/input/event1): AT Translated Set 2 keyboard
print: key_space 1
print: key_space 1
print: key_space 0
print: key_space 0

> Since you've got [hid] running on GNU/Linux, perhaps you could quickly 
> outline the steps you needed to take to get it working on pdpedia. A 
> lot of people have had trouble getting it going on recent GNU/Linux 
> distros:
> http://wiki.puredata.info/en/hid
> For editing, the name is 'pdpedia' the password is 'puredata'
> .hc

Sure, i'll take a look at that now.


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