[PD] jack on through console?

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 21 00:10:10 CET 2010

> qjackctl uses jackd as a backend, so you can do what you want without  
> accessing qjackctl at all and just using jackd (whether jackd was  
> started by qjackctl or not).
> You can manually run jackd with the commands qjackctl would have used by  
> running
> "sh .jackdrc"
> If you start jackd in this way, then qjackctl should see that running  
> jackd instance instead of making a new one.

I just tried the sh, and there was no reaction from qjackctl. I didn't  
test if jack was running, because it would be nice to have to gui working  
(just dropped a line about it in another mail in this thread)

> You can use the various jack tools like jack_lsp, jack_connect,  
> jack_disconnect, to do the things you would usually do in qjackctl from  
> the command line (list client ports, connect them to one another,  
> disconnect them from one another).

yes, that far I got. I've made a patch to control ardour transport, and  
also create jack connections quite fast through Pd. I don't know if it's  
not that appealing to anyone, or if no one noticed it, I thought there  
would be more reactions to it -  
(some improvements will be made the next version, when there's time for it)


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