[PD] another [readanysf~] install-on-ubuntu guide. (was: readanysf~ binary ubuntu?)

august august at alien.mur.at
Mon Feb 22 19:19:01 CET 2010

> > On Mon, 2010-02-22 at 10:36 +0100, João Pais wrote:
> > > [I couldn't find August Black's mail, so I sent this to the list]
> > > 
> > > Hi,
> > > 
> > > I was looking for readanysf~, and found your site. Unfortunately I
> > > couldn't built it myself, the make instructions didn't work, and these
> > > libraries don't exist for jaunty. Do you have a package with a jaunty
> > > binary?
> > 
> > Since it is dependent on gavl and gmerlin-avdecoder, one would also have
> > to maintain packages of those before it makes sense to package
> > [readanysf~] as a deb package.
> Hurrah, there is actually already a PPA for gmerlin-avdecoder and gavl,
> thanks to Fabrice Coutadeur:
> https://launchpad.net/~fabricesp/+archive/ppa
> I just tested to quickly make Pd-devel-0.43 and readanysf~ run from a
> ubuntu 9.10 live-cd and everything worked (almost) flawlessly.
> Here (again!) another, hopefully easier howto:
> 1. add the sources from the PPA above to your /etc/apt/sources.list
> 2. install gmerlin-avdecoder (this will automatically install gavl):
> $ sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install libgmerlin-avdec-dev
> 3. download the sources of readanysf~ from:
> http://aug.ment.org/readanysf/download.php and extract them from the
> archive.
> 4. Now why I said '(almost) flawlessly': readanysf~'s Makefile expects
> the headers of gmerlin-avdecoder to be in /usr/local/include. Since we
> installed it from the repository, we need to edit the Makefile (for
> instance with gedit). Change this line:
> GAVLPATH=/usr/local/include
> to
> GAVLPATH=/usr/include
> If you have Pd also installed from the repository, apply the same change
> to the next line:
> PDPATH=/usr/local/include
> to
> PDPATH=/usr/include
> 5. Now run 'make' in <path-to>/readanysf~0.36 to build [readanysf~]
> 6. To finally install the external, I usually do (from the same
> directory):
> $ sudo mkdir /usr/lib/pd/extra/readanysf~
> $ sudo cp readanysf~.pd_linux /usr/lib/pd/extra/readanysf~/
> $ sudo cp readanysf~-help.pd /usr/lib/pd/extra/readanysf~/
> This worked for me. I hope it does for you as well.
> Roman


	I'm sorry readanysf~ is somewhat difficult to install.  Hans did a
	great job of packaging it for the mac.  We also worked on porting
	gavl and gmerlin-avdec to windows.   We got most of the goodies, such
	as ffmpeg, libmad, x264 compiled and able to install using mingw.
	However, we stopped short of packaging it for windows.  Hans, do you
	remember where we left off?  Was that really almost a year ago?

	I also never made a proper autobuild compile for it on linux.
	I was looking for some system that would allow me to compile and
	package it on all systems and never really had the time.   I still
	don't really have the time.

	About the ppa packages above:  Are they ubuntu compatible?  They also
	seem pretty old.  With the older packages, you will have problems
	with multichannel audio files ( > 2 channels).   

	If anyone has suggestions on how to maintain pd packages for
	multiple platforms (or even wants to chip in with packaging effort),
	please let me know.

	best -august.

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