[PD] Wiimote and MotionPlus on Linux

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Feb 22 23:15:09 CET 2010

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Jack wrote:
> and when i try to create [wiimote], i get :
> /home/jack/wiimote/wiimote.pd_linux: /home/jack/wiimote/wiimote.pd_linux: undefined symbol: cwiid_get_balance_cal
>  wiimote
> ... couldn't create

obviously from experimental support for the wii balance, which seems to
not be supported by the libcwiid used.

> i do this :
> - download new wiimote source from externals/hardware/wiimote in
> puredata-svn
> - download cwiid from git repository :
> git://github.com/abstrakraft/cwiid.git

i have to admit that i never tried the git version.
no i have and it worked out of the box (no need for patching as the
patch is already included)

> - change to #include </home/jack/cwiid/libcwiid/cwiid.h> in wiimote.c (i
> also try with #include </home/jack/cwiid/libcwiid/cwiid_internal.h>)

NEVER EVER do that.
this is why we have makefiles and CFLAGS and things like that: to set
the path where to search for header-files and libraries.
for unknown reasons only people who want to hardcode paths into #include
seem to compile the wiimote external.

i know that there is no documentation, but anyhow:
"make install" the libcwiid: it should install the headers and library
files into /usr/local
these paths should automatically be searched by any standard compiler,
so you just go on with:

anyhow, there is one thing missing which you cannot know (though your
problems are not related to that):
you have to manually tell, that you want the wiimotionplus to report
create and edit a file "Make.local" and add the line
to it.
(this is for historic reasons when i did not care to write a configure
script and libcwiid did not have the dualspeed feature built in)

> - make
> - copy wiimote.pd_linux in the Pd extra folder
> - create an object [wiimote]

well, why not directly start pd from where you are until the object works?

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