[PD] Strange bug in my patch

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun Feb 28 15:59:00 CET 2010

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Caio Barros wrote:
> Returning to the original subject a little.
> Is it possible to correct this bug or wathever it is that dynamically
> created objects don't start dsp? Or it will cause other troubles?

it's certainly possible.
nevertheless i daresay that the chances are relatively low, given the
existing workarounds to force recompilation off the dsp-tree (with live
coding i find myself saving the patch quite often, as this also forces
to rebuild the dsp; with dynamic patching, turn off DSP before you
create the first object, and turn it on after you created the last
object; this is only unfortunate if you don't want to turn on dsp in all
cases, as there is no "real" way to query the current state)

> Also (and I think that I read something about this in the list archive) it
> would be nice to be able to delete just one dynamically created object since
> until now the only option of doing this is the "clear" message, wich deletes
> all the created objects.

well, i think there is a patch bending in the sourceforge tracker that
would allow you to do just this;
in the meantime have a look at iemguts, which will do all this for you.
(or you could use one of these frameworks like Pd-Pod or dyn~)

> I'm not requesting this changes, i'm just asking if this is possible, since
> this is a "non suported feature".

in open source development there is not much difference between the two :-)

> Another thing: If, as you are saying, the [until] object shouldn't crash the
> OS, but at most just Pd, dynamically created objects souldn't do it also, am
> I right?

this depends where the crash comes from.
the patching engine itself should definitely not crash.
if one of the so-created objects behaves extraordinarily bad it could
certainly crash the vm, Pd, your computer or the world and Pd couldn't
much do about that (i'm talking about externals here)
this might not be desired behaviour, but the responsibility lies outside Pd.

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