[PD] data structures: variable array element + variable resolution?

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 16 11:23:21 CET 2010

>> I had a couple of questions about data structures:
>> - I have an array based on template X. I wanted to make
>> variations on the drawing of that array, by changing a
>> variable in template X. The thing is, I can't access X when
>> it's inside an array. Is there a way to get a pointer to the
>> X templates inside an array?
> [element]

ah, so if the float names are the same, the information gets through. The  
only thing is that since this is a parameter with the same value at all  
elements, I had to make a mechanism which goes through the whole array  
when something changes.

> If you don't care about the flickering, you could do something like  
> what's
> attached.  Notice that you have to name the template folder something
> different than the struct.

thanks for your help. instead of trying to do a general patch for many  
uses, I've went with 3 versions of it, each for a different step value.
maybe when data structures are more developed we can go further.


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