[PD] [forWiimote] abstraction - wiimote - motion plus - IR - nunchuck

Pagano, Patrick pat at digitalworlds.ufl.edu
Thu Mar 18 18:41:59 CET 2010

Is there a working Wii at anything for WInXP?
The wiisense.dll crashes pd-extended immediately 
I installed bluesoliel and glovepie too
But all avenues seem crash(y) for windows
Hopefully someone has one.
On linux I am having success with the wii stuff out of Audioscape


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Here an abstraction [forWiimote] and its help patch [forWiimote-help].
Should only work on Linux because of [wiimote] external.
Need : zexy and mrpeach.

You have to download cwiid from git repository :
and download new wiimote source from :
svn checkout
Apply the patch for cwiid :
cd /yourpath/libcwiid
and then :
patch -p0 <

Then :
make install

Go back in /wiimote :
cd /yourpath/wiimote
Then :

If there are mistakes, please correct me !
If there are any troubles with [forWiimote], thx to tell me !
I haven't any Wiimote here so i can't test my last version + i have never use IR.
thx to IOhannes for his help.


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