[PD] Pd-list Digest, Vol 60, Issue 114

Florian Hollerweger flo at mur.at
Sat Mar 27 19:19:36 CET 2010

Hi Matt,

Matt Barber wrote:
> Are we sure this is a problem with [delread~]? 

I would actually argue it's primarily a problem with -nogui rather than
with [delread~].

I have been snooping around the archives, since Derek pointed out that
he posted the same issue to the list about a week ago, and it seems he
observed the same problem also with other objects under -nogui:

> The way I remember it, anything to do with tables or other allocated
> memory can break with -nogui. [tabwrite~], [tabread~], [delwrite~],
> [delread~], [vd~] etc etc....

In response, IOhannes suggested that

> there are known problems initializing the sound system in nogui-mode.

I was not suggesting that [delread~] was buggy, but wanted to learn more
about the nature of these -nogui audio initialization problems.


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