[PD] glitches + netbook // Vilson, András

Vilson Vieira vilson at void.cc
Wed Mar 31 02:33:29 CEST 2010

2010/3/30 servando barreiro <servandisco at yahoo.es>

> HI Vilson, That video you posted seems  like mixing a little bit of audio
> signal into the video and maybe viceversa... (analog glitch).  Looks also
> like an analog video mixer w circuit bending..  http://vimeo.com/8913301

Yes! I'm in love with glitching :-)

> I did found a nice way of making glitches in pd   http://vimeo.com/6932986 (minute 1

> this is done by having two copies of the same pix and applying a very
> subtle but very fast 3d transformation [rotateXYZ]  to one of them, for this
> task, I use the audio input..

Great idea! I'll investigate it if you post an example... I've created a
patch using pix_sig2pix, please, take a look [1].

[1] http://github.com/automata/hackspd/raw/master/glitching.pd

Vilson Vieira

vilson at void.cc

((( http://automata.cc )))

((( http://musa.cc )))
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