[PD] new work for electronics, with pure data

D McCarthy dmc at ireland.com
Sat Apr 10 11:34:22 CEST 2010

Dear PD community,

Last year, pd was used to perform one of my musical compositions; a sonata for electronics / just-tuned instrument.

It was performed by the pianist and composer David Bremner at the National Concert Hall, Dublin. 

In case any of the members of this mailing list would like a copy of the score, and of the patch which was used for this electronics sonata, here are the download links:



It's possible to listen to how it sounds from the myspace page 

It's called "Sonáid" (which is Irish for Sonata) and this is an excerpt from the last movement of the work.

In the score, rather than supply a patch, the algorithm is described verbally.  If anyone has any criticism, or suggestions as to how this description could be improved, i.e. if there are any errors in there, or if you have any suggestions about how to make this patch more efficient, your pointing these out to me (by email, if you want) would be appreciated.

If you would like to hear a full recording of the work or if you would like to have it performed at a concert, feel free to get in touch via this email address; (concert performance fees are from as little as 100 euro)

It's very much hoped that people out there will try to perform this work, even privately.  
If you have good keyboard skills, or if you know someone who does, print it out and try it!

To perform the work, a 60 key MIDI keyboard is needed.  A special tuning system is used and the score dictates which notes are to be depressed, rather than which notes are sounding.  Also, you'll need a fast latency time.

Enjoy!  And thanks to everyone who helped me get started with PD.

Yours, Sincerely,

David Ernest Mc Carthy.
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