[PD] Free samples somewhere on the net?

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Thu Apr 15 13:45:25 CEST 2010

> Hello everyone!
> I just got a brand new midi keyboard and i'm very excited! Anyway, i was
> wondering if anybody knows where i could find some good quality samples of
> electric keyboards (like the Rhodes), for free

Hi Pierre,
not sure if you'll find keyboard sounds there though,
but certainly worth checking out:
"The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons
licensed sounds"
for instrument sample banks you could also do a search for .sf2 (soundfonts)
In pd you need an external to use them.
I think there was one, ([fuid~]?) but I remember searching for it and not
finding it a while ago...
theoretically you can use something like Qsynth+Fluidsynth and control it
from pd using alsmidi (or jack...), but in practice (at least the times I
tried it) the timing is unuseably irregular.
btw what OS are you using ?
These suggestions apply to linux.
I'm sure there are a lot more options on other OSes.

(yes, i m using Pd also
> because it is free and because i m not exactly a millionnaire, although i
> like it so much now that i don't think i'd use anything else if i were
> that
> rich. Anyways...).
> I have found this :
> http://www.hispasonic.com/noticias/dsk-music-presenta-hispasonic-sampled-series-11918
> which appears to be free, but i have no idea what these formats are, nor
> how
> i could use the samples in Pd. Do you know if i could convert any of these
> into a WAV format that i could use in Pd?
> Cheers!
> Pierre
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