[PD] Questions about midi-volume abstractions

Raphael Raccuia rafael.raccuia at blindekinder.com
Fri Apr 16 02:15:16 CEST 2010

Hi list:
I'm working on a big diffusion patch, so I made some volume and midi 
abstractions (I'll need a lot of midi controlled volumes).
raf_volume.pd calls raf_BCF2000.pd (I have this midi controller, of 
course it can be used with every midi CC signals...). Arguments as 
following: start value, end value (scale), CC, channel.
I'm using Pd-ext 0.42.5 on Ubuntu Studio.

My questions:

-I noticed a (kind of) bug: when I instantiate a [ctlin] object with one 
$ as argument (CC number), no problem, but when I add a second (channel: 
[ctlin $1 $2]), second outlet doesn't disappear, and if abstraction 
window is opened, pd becomes unstable. It crashes sometimes when I save 
the patch calling the abstraction, or saving abstraction itself 
(ctrl+s). No problem with numbers as arguments.

-When I instantiate raf_volume.pd, I enter arguments in the object box 
(CC, channel), but I didn't find a way to change them after. I could use 
externals [number2\, but the patch will become really heavy, or display 
name and arguments in "graph on parent", but the object becomes to 
big... In the same idea, I wanted to keep the sliders position (init), 
but it doesn't seems to work in an abstraction...

-If you have any suggestions about these abstractions, their performance 
etc, you're welcome...

Thank's a lot
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