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In every field of art and also in apllied arts, the aesthetics is always
related to the means of production available. This is true for music, for
achitecture and even for industrial design.

Let's take the concrete, for example. Some of the early architecture
produced with concrete, was attempts to reproduce the old aesthetics of
building with bricks and stone (and there are people doing this untill now).
It took some time untill the emergence of modern architecture, whose
aesthetics is much more related to the phisical characteristics of the new

It seems that here we have the same issue, people trying to use a new medium
to reproduce aesthetics related to another one. When we try to build a
plastic chair that looks like a wooden one, this is called "kitch", and I
think its the same if we simply try to reproduce certain kinds of music with
this new medium.

I do like music for dance, and I've seen pretty nice things for dancing made
with pd, but not really "dance music". And I dont really see any advantage
in try to build a patch who could produce dance music as we were used to
produce (Im satisfied with my old buzz tracker for that). What I had done
untill now (I'm a relly new user) are things that I couldn't had done with
nothing else (unless Max, maybe, but pd is free software)

What gives me will to learn and use pd, is the possibility to join the
development of a NEW aesthetics; by the confluence with image and sound, by
the possibility of create new instruments, new forms of interaction with the
audience and to treat the sound as pure data.

>From this, I think pd has a potencial similar to the advent of the electric
guitar, it has potential to not just change the "dance music", but the whole
dancefloor concept maybe; but this is just an argument from personal
conviction, as Matt pointed..

go ahead

2010/4/16 <colet.patrice at free.fr>

> uh I missed roman inputs, fortunately there are the archives
> "
> Are you implying there was no dance music since the 80's? How bad will
> actual 'best technologies' will be in a few years? Is that a discussion
> about  certain aesthethics you're looking for or about technical
> possibilities?
>  "
> I took dance as an example of musics that needs to answer a number of sound
> characteristics
>  where technical possibilities are seriously implied in aestethics.
>  Not to say that an instrument would sound better if there is a background
> image or such,
>  but the way we are accessing data and modulate them has a severe influence
> on inspiration.
>  At the end the best compromise I've found is like obiwannabe's work, where
> the patch is the piece.
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> On Fri, 16 Apr 2010, Roman Haefeli wrote:
> > On Fri, 2010-04-16 at 14:04 +0200, colet.patrice at free.fr wrote:
> >> show me a patch that correctly mix soundfiles.
> > That interests me. Can you elaborate a bit more what you mean by
> > "mixing"?
> Interesting, I was more concerned by the use of the word « correctly ».
> For a even a simple cross-fade, any way of smoothing the output of a
> slider is a potential matter of personal preference, and whichever way you
> pick has eventual slightly different consequences on the result.
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