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In every field 
of art and also in apllied arts, the aesthetics is always related to the
 means of production available. This is true for music, for achitecture 
and even for industrial design.

Let's take the concrete, for 
example. Some of the early architecture produced with concrete, was 
attempts to reproduce the old aesthetics of building with bricks and 
stone (and there are people doing this untill now). It took some time 
untill the emergence of modern architecture, whose aesthetics is much 
more related to the phisical characteristics of the new material.

It seems that here we have the same issue, people trying to use a 
new medium to reproduce aesthetics related to another one. When we try 
to build a plastic chair that looks like a wooden one, this is called 
"kitch", and I think its the same if we simply try to reproduce certain 
kinds of music with this new medium.

Kitsch is not the only possible result of imposing an "old" aesthetics on a new medium-- 
think of early African pottery that has woven lines painted on it that refer to earlier, less 
sturdy woven containers (or woven branches of baskets).  Also, think of mashups, where 
the artists aren't even reproducing old sounds-- they're just taking them wholesale, 
but clearly creating new sounds (and forms!) in the process.

If you don't pay attention to the way seemingly simplistic processes , your new sounds will end up sounding a lot like other people's new sounds which 
make the same broad generalizations about what is old vs. what is new.


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