[PD] keycode 92: dropped

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sat Apr 17 08:10:19 CEST 2010

> I've been complaining that we should be able to use "$0" in messages for 
> the sake of simplicity. Apparently you can if you use "\" before it... 
> BUT... Pd does not allow you to write it... as if it REALLY did not want 
> you to do it...

there are many things wrong with the backslash. if i put 92 through 
[makefilename %c] it makes two backslashes. if I use it as a $1 inside of 
a symbol it becomes four backslashes. if I try to print it, it becomes 8 
backslashes (unless GridFlow is loaded, because it installs its own 

Those hacks probably all come from trying to fix a backslash bug by brute 
force. By fixing the bug in three places, you cancel one of the original 
bugs by three new bugs opposite to the original one, so, whether that 
original bug shows up, you can get up to three new bugs stacked on each 
other, and then, most of the original bugs are still there (iemgui labels 
still can't take backslashes, etc).

That's just the backslashes... Keycode 123 is actually much more 

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