[PD] nusmuk_audio WAS: Max Smoother Audio than Pd?

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//A djembé drummer says: "You cannot make dance music alone, you need
//other drummers as well". Patko says: "Making dance music requires
//advanced technologies". Roman says: "Where is the sine? I cannot dance
//without an [osc~ =<20]".

I'd say we won't dance without also trigging [osc~ 71]


>  Not to say that an instrument would sound better if there is a background image or such,
>  but the way we are accessing data and modulate them has a severe influence on inspiration.
>  At the end the best compromise I've found is like obiwannabe's work, where the patch is the piece.

//I guess I'm missing your point here. How does that relate to what you
//said above?


I say that because I and others tried to build some kinds of tools to group all the tools made with pd,
the only one I know that work is netpd, and wasn't satisfied of the result of a ton of work,
 because there is always something missing, but with grouping everything in a patch, it's possible to combine
all the necessary stuff needed by inspirations coming from different cultural influences.

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