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 anyway, whatever I'd say after this, the answer would be that I'm not a good musician,
 or that pd is not made for me,
 or even worth, that I don't have a good taste in music, etc...
 I think this is silly to enter into this, because I just want to contribute with my 'small' inputs, in spite of my small vocabulary.

My conclusion is that pd isn't ready yet to put it at a very important place in composition, like a workstation, period.

Also, many thanks for showing me the work of Richard Barret!

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>> So maybe you need and want a shitty clarinet to achieve the objective  
>> you have, maybe you need a quite expensive one. Nevertheless, the point  
>> is what you do with it.
> The clarinetist of one chamber orchestra I've wrote for had to use a 'C'  
> clarinette that sounded like shit to play all the notes,
>  instead of her cool but expensive B flat, the result is that I don't  
> liked the sound she had.
> (If you want to compare I can send you the files)

Richard Barret has a couple of interesting pieces for C clarinet (look for  
a cd with Carl Rossman). these pieces wouldn't sound as good in a B or A  
clarinets, because it would loose the hard edge of the rhythms/melodic  

so, I say Richard Barret's pieces would sound "like shit" on a B clarinet.  
probably your's sounds "like shit" on a C clarinet. both clarinets can  
sound good -> only the pieces they play can make them sound "shit".

Conclusion: don't blame the clarinets, stop giving them wrong pieces.  
Don't assume that one clarinet is worthless because he's being given the  
right material to play with.

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