[PD] External to get boxes' informations

Vilson Vieira vilson at void.cc
Wed Apr 21 23:40:13 CEST 2010

2010/4/21 IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>

>  well, what iemguts can do, you can do in any other language (if you are
> willing to use the private interfaces in s_stuff.h, m_imp.h,
> g_canvas.h,...)

now I got it.

>  > Is there a roadmap to make the facilities of iemguts a default feature
> at PD
> > soon? I would like to contribute on it.
> i haven't planned that.
> for me, iemguts is something highly experimental (e.g. not something
> most people would use in their everyday life; but of course it's up to
> the people to chose what they use in their everyday life).
> more important, what i want to do can be mainly done as an external
> (even though using private interfaces), and so there is no real need to
> internalize these objects (it's not something like a loader-mechanism,
> which is virtually impossible to implement without touching Pd-core)

I understand. iemguts is really a good way to get what I want.

> anyhow, i'm happy to include contributions in iemguts (if they meet my
> random criteria :-))

I will be glad to contribute, even with documentation. And I imagine that,
because it's dealing with PD guts, you need to watch its close every new
release of PD, right? I wish to help.

Thanks again!

Vilson Vieira

vilson at void.cc

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