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I haven´t invented anything but I want to share this:

http://servandobarreiro.es/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/mix_ser.png  (just th image)

It´s quite simple, but I find it useful for live performing  situations.. (and Iike that kind of aesthetic..)   maybe somebody wants to improve it..   

I was thinking about adding a vu-meter per channel but at the moment, I manage ok with just two into the master section (still in progress..).  In this case, the dac~ object it´s inside the mixer.



hello Roman

I've tried Mx everytime I used netpd, so could tell what doesn't meet my criteria...

there are already plenty of stuff for fx, that's nice, I've even stolen some stuff inside,
like the dynamic routing, some times ago.

In fact it's a pain in the **s do a good job in such a mixer because of aesthetics,
anecdotic criterium in this conversation.

There is no vu-meter in tracks, so we don't know where the signals come from, neither at each level it comes.

There is no peak value detection, we don't know what was the last highest peak value,
to find out what sound would overhelm the mixing equilibrium.

Using different colors for the different bus is a very good idea, and make gaining time 
for finding the good slider,
but some colors gives Mx an ugly apparence that could be avoided with choosing
harmonious tones, for example a yellow handle over a white background slider, is just
a pain for the eyes. Also the green color is very agressive. 

Mixing sounds is a kind of computation where the engineer need know accurately
which level he has to give to some tracks for getting a correct average power,
for example if we add 3 Decibels we double power...
The necessary stuff is just a number box that would tell how much Db is modulated over a slider.

here is my favorite mixing tool:


_ we can choose DAC~ input and output bus
_ phase inversion
_ Gain level
_ Panning is over the number of output buses we choose
_ A 'Listen' button has been added with 'Solo', but I didn't use it yet.
_ we can record/play automation from the board.
_ we can choose if the signal that goes to the bus is pre or post fader.
_ same for vu-meter (all)
_ we can record stuff passing through the mixer, if it's audio it records audio, if it's midi it records midi
_ we can access directly to the instrument from the mixer track.
_ there is an internal EQ, very usefull and very well implemented into to mixer track.
_ we can group tracks into group tracks.
_ we can save settings of each parts of the mixer.

there are also all the settings that has effect on all the the tracks, like hiding all different parts of the tracks
or setting peak detection time, copy-paste track params, an track edit window  (so we can see all settings) ...

For going further in the discussion, I'd need to try Mx EQ's and dynamic processing fx.

This mixer is a cool project, and I'd love to use it in mine, but I'd need to make a stand alone patch.
is there such one?

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Hi Patko

On Thu, 2010-04-22 at 18:27 +0200, colet.patrice at free.fr wrote:
I just wanted to check if someone has invented this wheel in pd...
apparently not...

<marketing lingo>

Have you checked mx from netpd? 

I am not sure, if it meets your criteria, but some of it features are:

- slot for insert-fx per channel/master channel
- unlimited number of slots for aux-fx
- aux-fx can be chained
- you can write your own fx

By using some additional fx plugin suites, you can have:

- meta-fx, that pack 3 slots into one (this way you can have as many
inserts in a chain as you want)
- dynamic processing fx
- EQs
- time-based fx, such chorus, flanger, phaser
- some funky freaky stuff, such as spectral-delay, fft-based
pitchshifter and more.

</marketing lingo>


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