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Well...that got me thinking. I've often wondered how to avoid nameclashes.
If each object has a prefix then this could be avoided.

So, jmmmp externs could be called jmmmp.prepend or jmmmp.rds etc (or jmmmp_rds - whatever flavour suits your tongue!)

Otherwise there are nameclashes that can seriously screw up a collection of abstractions. So, for example, the latest Metastudio objects have a phasevocoder~ abstraction (using pvoc~ from the bsaylor objects) but a lot of the other objects use the svf~ from cyclone (not bsaylor/svf~). Once bsaylor is imported into Pd-extended, the svf~ will always default to the bsaylor one (that has a denormal error, although I think I fixed this - anyone for testing?)

I got round this by setting the objects in PD to cycone/svf~ and bsaylor/pvoc~ (in case anyone else makes a pvoc~ object). But many PD users, especially those used to Mac or Windowze, will not know that you can access the directory structure of the extra folder directly within PD.

I think I might have to rename all my abstractions now...or maybe I'm too lazy until it becomes a problem.


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about the abbreviation, I would think twice. only because there are
already lots of objects around, and it might happen that you double some
name already used by someone. since there is no system to look at which
names are being used and developers don't look much around to prevent it,
nameclashes do occur.
the good point about the big names (with or without capitals, makes no
difference) is that your objects won't be confused with anyone else's.

or you use some individual abbreviation technique, like [r_d_s], etc.

or you ignore this message.

João Pais

> Greetings Everyone,
> I am trying to make a gaggle of objects and some of them have spun out with
> rather long names ([renderDepthSelector] is one example). It seems helpful
> to keep that name for the object (as it may make the thing more self
> explanatory), but I would also like to make an option for it to form with an
> abbreviation (say [rds]) analogous to the way [trigger] and [t] function.
> Do any of you brilliant minds know how to do that by any chance?
> Many many thanks in advance for your advice,
> as always,
> Sonia Yuditskaya
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