[PD] Vu-Meter - WAS: nusmuk_audio

Peter Plessas plessas at mur.at
Mon Apr 26 10:34:30 CEST 2010

colet.patrice at free.fr wrote:
> I've made an hybrid with the gem vu-meter and the v-slider mouse bindings, 
> by adding a background image it looks like a decent little mixer track 
> <img src="http://megalego.free.fr/pd/Gem/HA_Mixer/gem_fader.jpg" /> 
> http://megalego.free.fr/pd/Gem/HA_Mixer/HA_fader.zip 
> now it just need to display correct db values 
gem_vu ist designed to be used with the prvu~ abstraction (Musil, 
IEMabs). This abstraction outputs a list with peak and rms values. The 
peak value gets displayed as the number in gem_vu as well as the single 
line within the vu meter. The rms value gets displayed by the big vu-bar.

Does this help?


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