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> > now it just need to display correct db values 
> gem_vu ist designed to be used with the prvu~ abstraction (Musil, 

yes, this object is quite usefull, in fact I meant that I need to set up 
the amplitude modulation for getting a correct db value with the slider, 
over a logaritmic scale, then the slider setting and the test signal average amplitude 
should have almost the same value. 

> IEMabs). This abstraction outputs a list with peak and rms values. The 
> peak value gets displayed as the number in gem_vu as well as the single 
> line within the vu meter. The rms value gets displayed by the big vu-bar. 
> Does this help? 

yes certainly, for the moment I've found 

[slider value between 0 and 1]--- [rmstodb]--[- 100] to fit almost log scale, 
but the need is for having 0db at height * 4 / 6, something like that 

> cheese, 
> P 
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