[PD] Vu-Meter - WAS: nusmuk_audio

Peter Plessas plessas at mur.at
Mon Apr 26 11:55:04 CEST 2010

colet.patrice at free.fr wrote:
> ----- "Peter Plessas" <plessas at mur.at> a écrit : 
>> colet.patrice at free.fr wrote: 
>>> now it just need to display correct db values 
>> gem_vu ist designed to be used with the prvu~ abstraction (Musil, 
> yes, this object is quite usefull, in fact I meant that I need to set up 
> the amplitude modulation for getting a correct db value with the slider, 
> over a logaritmic scale, then the slider setting and the test signal average amplitude 
> should have almost the same value. 

Be advised that there is many ways of mapping faders to mulipliers. 
Depending on your practice it is common to have the 0dB (unity gain) 
mark somewhere 4/5 up the fader's range, which is inherited from 
analogue mixing desks and which I have found useful in the digital 
domain as well (despite the danger of clipping at the dac). The mapping 
of a fader's value to the actual multiplicative value is also a matter 
of feel (tactile). I don't know if there is much research about this 
topic, I personally prefer the [fadtodb] abstraction by Thomas Musil 
(iemabs/iemlib) which we use for our productions here at the IEM, and 
which to my humble opinion comes closest to the analogue desks i love.



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