[PD] Relative path behaviour strange in GOP abstractions

saint saintidle at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 26 15:59:31 CEST 2010


> I'm on pd vanilla windows version 0.42-5.

I've a patch that relies 
> heavily on file IO abstractions (sitting happily in the 'extra' folder), which 
> are invoked by the main patch which until recently has been located in a 
> different folder. These abstractions start looking for certain files and folders 
> via 'makefilename' into the 'textfile' object like...

> ../../$1/$2.txt(

I tried to make an abstraction (also located in 'extra') 
> that was GOP. It used 3 instances of the file IO abstraction, where one instance 
> was visible on parent and the 2 others hidden.

What I found was that the 
> hidden abstractions began their relative path in the 'extra' folder as they 
> should...

|read ../../$1/$2.txt( ... ...worked for the hidden 
> only.

...but the VISIBLE abstractions began their relative path search in 
> the PARENT'S patch folder. Such that...

|read ../$1/$2.txt( ... ...worked 
> for the visible only.

Can anybody replicate this bug/suggest a 
> workaround?

(The paths must be relative, as I need to port this 
> around)

Thanks in advance as always,


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