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Mon Jun 7 12:09:39 CEST 2010

to use the serial of comport objects to send serial
data to a PIC or other programmable microcontroller. 
I would be interested in otherways via USB though I
don't know much about the USB protocol.  

On a side note,  we got a microcontroller to convert
analog controlsignal into a digital stream and send it
via serial to hyperterminal.  The sure sign that it
was working was hyperterminal filling up with ascii
corresponding to the controller data.  A max patch he
was using displayed the same results.  It would be
pretty simple to do the reverse and program the PIC to
accept commands and computer various things.

You'll need to learn the assembly language if you're
going to be dealing with most PICs but it is quite
worth it.  You'll be really hard core nerd.

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