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On 06/11/2010 01:49 AM, Kim Cascone wrote:
>> i thought this is what you were asking for with "is there a way on the
>> command line to load only certain libs?"
> yes, but I'm trying to understand your statement: 'the panel merely
> being a wrapper around the -path flag'

ah in understand.
i was referring to the path-entry box, and not to the "apply/save"
buttons in the panels.

both the cmd-line flags and the .pdsettings are a way to configure your
Pd sessions; none of them are a way to script Pd (which it seems is what
you were expecting: being able to script Pd from the cmdline to store
it's preferences to a file) [1]

> unless I'm not understanding something
> making these changes from the panel in Pd these settings are persistent
> making them from the command line they are not

the question is, why would you want to make the settings persistens from
the console?
and how is this .pdsettings more persistent than cmdline flags or a

>>> is there a way to make this persistent from the console?
>> use a shell-script.
> a shell script would only work on a per session basis as well - no?

all settings are "per session";
whenever you run the shell-script with the same-flags, you will have the
same behaviour of Pd.
.pdsettings are just a more user friendly way to provide Pd-settings
(for users that are afraid of the cli; e.g. i regularily delete my
.pdsettings, because i don't need it and it only interferes with what
i'm doing)


anyhow, since Pd is cool and despite of what i said above, it even
allows you to save your preferences with shell-flags.

[1] pd -lib blu -send "pd save-preferences ;"

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