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Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Mon Jun 14 22:27:17 CEST 2010

Ok so here are some more 'issues'

I'm using the 'lpf' LADSPA plugin to use as a simple example for the 
FOSS manual

it has one control which is the cutoff frequency

I instantiate the [plugin~ lpf] in a patch

the console window reports:
verbose( 1):plugin~: found plugin "lpf" in library "/usr/lib/ladspa/cmt.so"
verbose( 2):plugin~: open_plugin (x, "lpf", "/usr/lib/ladspa/cmt.so", 
verbose( 1):plugin~: constructed plugin "Low Pass Filter (One Pole)" 
verbose( 1):plugin~: plugin ports: audio 1/1 ctrl 1/0
verbose( 1):plugin~: plugin active
plugin~: "Low Pass Filter (One Pole)"

first level of confusion

occurs when a user is looking for the 'lpf' messages on the command line 

analyseplugin lpf

they won't find it unless they read the console carefully and see the 
LADSPA plug is actually called 'cmt.so'

and if they type in
analyseplugin cmt.so

they will have to scroll through the dozens of plugins inside 'cmt.so' 
for the lpf plug

not a bug per se but there must be other plugs that come bundled like 
the cmt.so which present a similar confusion...?

the second level of confusion

occurs when sending [plugin~ lpf] an [info] message in a patch

the [pd/print] object reports to the console:

b: port in control Cutoff Frequency (Hz) 0 0.5
b: port in audio Input 0 1
b: port out audio Output 0 1

leading the user to believe that the Cutoff Freq is controlled with a 
float from [0 - 0.5]
instead of [0 - 0.5*srate] (n times the sample rate)

while 'analyseplugin cmt.so' reports:

Plugin Name: "Low Pass Filter (One Pole)"
Plugin Label: "lpf"
Plugin Unique ID: 1051
Maker: "CMT (http://www.ladspa.org/cmt, plugin by Richard W.E. Furse)"
Copyright: "(C)2000-2002, Richard W.E. Furse. GNU General Public Licence 
Version 2 applies."
Must Run Real-Time: No
Has activate() Function: Yes
Has deativate() Function: No
Has run_adding() Function: No
Environment: Normal or Hard Real-Time
Ports:    "Cutoff Frequency (Hz)" input, control, 0 to 0.5*srate, 
default 440, logarithmic
    "Input" input, audio
    "Output" output, audio

as you can see the [pd/print] object is not reporting  the correct 
message to send for 'cutoff freq'
it SHOULD read:
b: port in control Cutoff Frequency (Hz) 0 0.5*srate

but is reporting
b: port in control Cutoff Frequency (Hz) 0 0.5

so it seems the [pd/print] object is not passing the '*' symbol

is this a known issue or can it be changed?

also, just as a data point the gf [print] object reports:

error: [print foo]: close-paren without open-paren
foo: port in audio Input 0 1
foo: port out audio Output 0 1

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