[PD] Insert an image with gop in an abstraction in a library

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Jun 25 19:31:23 CEST 2010

On Fri, 25 Jun 2010, Olivier Baudu wrote:

> It's possible that my English is not enough good to be understood. So 
> I'm gonna try to explain my problem in an other way.

Ouais, je connais une autre manière d'expliquer ton problème, et c'est en 
français. C'est pas juste ta langue maternelle, c'est aussi la mienne, et 
c'est celle de plein de gens sur pd-list. Cela dit, écrire en français 
réduit quand même le nombre de gens qui peuvent te lire, à condition 
qu'ils refusent catégoriquement d'utiliser un traducteur automatique.

> If I open an abstraction with a patch saved in the same folder as this 
> abstraction I can see through the "Graph on parent" the image I've put 
> inside. But if I open the same patch from my desktop, calling the same 
> abstraction (from my library), I can load the abstraction but without 
> the image.

If you pass an image filename to an abstraction that uses [#in], you have 
to change the perspective of [#in]. For this reason, a component has been 
abstracted-out from [#in], that is called [gf/find_file], for which the 
(mandatory) argument is about how many levels of nested abstractions you 
are away from the home place of the path you want to use. So, if the 
filename is relative to the patch that contains the patch that must use 
[#in], you are one level away from the context, and you use [gf/find_file 
1], where "1" as an argument means one level away.

This feature only exists in GridFlow, not in GEM nor GGEE. This means that 
if you want to support in your abstraction the relative path context that 
[pix_film] supports, you're screwed because you're not writing an 
external. [gf/find_file] can also be used together with GEM and GGEE in 
order to break that limitation of GEM and GGEE.

> Is it clearer ?

Well, you still didn't post any error messages, etc., but I sort of 
guessed... was my guess right ?

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