[PD] dub chords in Pd

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Fri Oct 29 11:43:53 CEST 2010

A huge part of the old dub sound is the saturation of the delay lines, 
usually with some filters to carve up the echo as you suggest, Felix.

But one problem in Pd is that delay lines and filters tend to "blow up" 
instead of saturate like the old school gear. One of my biggest problem 
patches was a recirculating delay line with a high pass filter. 
Inevitably, it would die, killing the DSP chain with NaN output. Only 
way to get rid of it was to cut and paste the offending filter and delay 

I suppose someone could come up with some DSP wizardry to emulate that 
analog saturation. But I have been getting a strange kick out of all 
these "how do I imitate" threads...

How do I imitate the sound of a very long tube? How can I waveshape the 
sound of an overdriven speaker? Where can I download a physical model of 
the sound of water? What kind of algorithms produce the sound of a 
Slinky going down stairs (alone or in pairs)?

Is it really so difficult to use the real thing itself? (Of the above 
examples, the Slinky might be the most difficult thing to locate in 
one's studio...) *Must* everything be emulated in this imaginary, 
digital world?

Ahem... I'll go have my coffee now.


On 10/29/10 1:41 AM, Felix Obée wrote:
> i recall one simple way to create that effect was to use a delay as send effect and then route its output to one channel of the mixer where you could then apply the send effect, creating a loop. the delay then could go on almost forever, and be manipulated using the eq of the channel. i spent quite some time (and dope) with this back then ;-)

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