[PD] avoiding collapse of freeverb

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Sat Jan 8 18:32:43 CET 2011

Alternately, use [/~ 10] in front of the freeverb and [*~ 10] after. 
This should scale things enough without losing too much resolution. It 
is digital after all.


On 1/8/11 6:28 PM, Derek Holzer wrote:
> Any digital filter will "blow up" when it becomes saturated. Clipping to
> -1 and 1 doesn't help, because then you could be sending values of -1
> and 1 almost constantly to the object. Look at the help file for
> [limiter~] and use that ahead of your freeverb perhaps. Not having a
> high value for the feedback in the reverb itself can help.
> "nan" stands for Not A Number, and objects give this when they are
> incapable of calculating values any more.
> D.
> On 1/8/11 6:20 PM, ronni montoya wrote:
>> hello, if i send signals with extreme amplitude to freeverb it
>> collapses and it stop making any sound, and then it just output the
>> word "nah" if i conect the output to a env~.
>> For avoiding this i tried to connect a clip -1 1 object before
>> freeverb but it doesnt work and freeverb still crashing, any idea how
>> to avoid this crashing and why clip -1 1 doesnt work here?

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