[PD] problem conecting PD and (multi chanel) alesis multimix 18... works on Max.

ZÉ Oliveira zeoliva at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 15:40:45 CET 2011

Helo every one.
Im trying to conect PD extended and a multichanel sound mixer conected to
via USB2.
I´m using OSX on mac

if i dont use the mixer , the patch i ´m using woks fine with teh internal
mic, when i plug the mixer and configuring i (it apears on the portaudio
choises), PD stops responding (windows still visible but not responding,
doesn´t even let me quit PD without forcing quit).
On max msp i´m able to conect it fine...

anyone with experience in conecting multi chanel sound mixers with PD that
can help?

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