[PD] [Pd] Nordic Game Jam 2011 Competition: Game Jam Music Theme

Nevin Eronde ne at igda.dk
Tue Jan 18 23:29:28 CET 2011

Hello Pd- people!

Do you have some sweaty, quirky Commodore 64 tunes gagging to get out of
your hard drive?! Or do you have some funny, nerdy sound effects or
ambiences that can sum up the game jam spirit? Now is your chance!

Film director Suvi Andrea Helminen <http://www.nordlysfilm.dk/> is looking
for a game jam music theme for her documentary. Compose a killer music theme
and win a free entrance to the Nordic Game Jam 2011! It is up to your
creativity whether it is a piece of classical, acoustic or electronic music
- or just a beat!

The winner tune is intended to be used in the Nordic Game Jam documentary
and for a promotion video. If the submissions are not of sufficient quality,
we reserve the right to not choose a winner.

The requirements are:

Deadline: 24/1 2011 until midnight
Format: Wav, 48 kHz/16 bit
Length: 1 to 1,5 minutes in duration

Mail your tune/sound to: ne at igda.dk

For further information about the Nordic Game Jam in Copenhagen, Denmark -
please go to:

Nevin Eronde

nevin sound
+45 2982 2614
studio at nevinsound.com

Special Interest Group Coordinator
IGDA Denmark
www.igda.dk <http://igda.dk/>
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