[PD] readanysf~ 0.43 test builds for Mac OS X

august august at alien.mur.at
Sat Jan 22 00:17:30 CET 2011

> I just upgraded lots of libraries on the Mac OS X build machines, so
> to test things out, I built readanysf~. It sure work with more
> codecs and less crashes.  Try the builds here:
> http://autobuild.puredata.info/pdlab/readanysf~0.43_MacOSX-Intel.tar.gz
> http://autobuild.puredata.info/pdlab/readanysf~0.43_MacOSX-
> PowerPC.tar.gz

cool stuff.

just some questions:

Not that it matters too much, but I noticed you changed the version
number to 0.43.    My versioning stops at 0.42 (the answer to the
question of...)      Did you change something in the readanysf source?

Also, what are these crashes you are talkin' about?
Not that I'd have time to look at them now, but it'd be good to know
what the issues were and if they were related to readanysf.

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