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I am a newbie in electronic music (not dance music by the way, electronic in
the broad sense) but i am also a "classic" musician, teacher, I also played
in traditional music groups etc... background aside here goes the idea.

A long time ago, in the renaissance and before, a third and a sixth were
considered a dissonant interval. Consonants where only the forth, fifth and
octave... this could be caused by a lot of different aspects, one of them
was the Temperament of the scale that was quit different from the 12 equal
semitones used later. Also the music was made primarily to be sang and
played in church and monasteries were the reverberation was big. After that
came the keyboard instruments and the difficulty of tuning of the same
instruments on different key signatures, this lead to a standard of twelve
equal semitones that allow "interchangeability" of keys. Some years later
came the continuous modulation, after that the dodecaphonic series and after
that integral serialism and electronic instruments etc etc etc.
Each of this changes were highly disregarded by the broad public being used
later on for more "commercial music".

What i want to say is that, you may not like some type of music,I dont like
techno, even the pseudo good techno, on a bar, or at my music player,
however it has its space on a disco. Each music has its time, its
progression. Time its the best filter, maybe 90 % of the music created
nowadays will not be heard in 200 years, but when the music touches senses
it will endure. there where hundreds of baroque and classical composers at
their time, however you only know a handful of them.... sometimes we as a
society need time to assimilate change. Maybe a chainsaw is more musical
than a violin, it all depends how the music is made, how the musical
discourse and flow goes. apart of the music, there will be always place for
"etudes". Problem is that nowadays each composition student does an exercise
and call it a piece... but that is a social problem not of the techniques.

sorry for the rant

2011/1/30 <beatthefinalboss at gmail.com>

> > I even read the Pd/Max/Csound/Chuck mailing lists too but I choose to
> > make actual music with those tools.
> How do you define "Actual Music"? Some of us happen to define
> "chainsaw in cave 6 feet down" as music ;)
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