[PD] Toughts on PD vs. Max stability on macintels on, analogindustries.com

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Mar 8 04:46:02 CET 2011

On Mon, 7 Mar 2011, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:

> For Audio API (OSS, ALSA, etc.):
> You can choose the respective menu item, then set it up in the 
> dialog window that pops up.  Click "Save all settings" to... save 
> all settings.  Isn't that persistent audio interface settings?

D'oh, yeah, but I don't notice it, as I still rely on commandline flags, 
shell-scripts and alias-commands. I knew it was somewhere... ;)

> Things I would normally set using the Media Menu: input devices, # of 
> channels, whether or not to use multiple devices, delay.

But delay is a kind of in-between : it's at once very machine-dependent 
and very patch-dependent. Some patches are meant for low-latency, and some 
patches have to be high-latency to prevent drop-outs, but the actual 
amount can't really be decided in advance in a machine-independent way.

> Things I would set using the Media Menu OR some kind of in-patch 
> mechanism: sample rate

Right. But are some soundcards and/or drivers limited to only certain 
sampling rates ?

(Side note : I thought that my soundcard was quite limited, but now I try 
to find a limit to the sampling rate that I can set, and I can't find 

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