[PD] pd_LAunch: A Week of exhibits/workshops/performance events in LA April 25 -30

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Thu Mar 10 05:12:37 CET 2011

Sounds awesome! Please keep us updated. If the stars align I may actually be
in the area at this time (I'm normally in the southern hemisphere).

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 1:57 PM, Joe Deken <jdeken at ucsd.edu> wrote:

> ==============================================================================================
>     During the week of April 25-30 in Los Angeles, CrashSpace LA and New
> Blankets Inc
> will be hosting "pd_LAunch" -- a gala-grassroots festival of events to
> celebrate the
> launch of a puredata/Max patching circle in LA. This new LA patching circle
> will be hosted
> by CrashSpace LA.
> ==============================================================================================
>     We will be providing regular updates about pd_LAunch on pd list and
> elsewhere -- many
> arrangements are still in-progress.  But please spread the word to those
> you know who may
> be interested -- whether they live in LA and may become patching-circle
> "regulars" -- or
> if they live anywhere in the world and just want to be part of the
> pd_LAunch launch-fest.
>     The main purpose of this preliminary/early announcement is to help you
> in making
> travel plans, etc. if you need to.  We especially welcome members of other
> patching
> circles (from other cities, other countries) to join us in LA and share
> your experience
> and inspiration. At the moment, we have set up an an e-mail address:
> launch at pd-la.info
> where you can express your interest, support, plans-to-attend and other
> helpful ideas.
>     Because the physical facilities at CrashSpace are fairly small and
> other venues are
> still being negotiated, it's VERY IMPORTANT that you RSVP "yes" right away
> if you plan to
> join us April 25 - 30 in LA.(Kindly make your RSVP via the email address:
> launch at pd-la.info)
> We request that you also use the "launch" e-mail address especially to
> express interest in
> topics for workshops and/or demonstrations that you would be interested in
> attending. (See
> suggestions below.) Or you can use the e-mail to ask particular questions,
> to request
> travel and lodging advice and assistance etc.)
>     All pd_LAunch events will be "free and open" to everyone, as much as
> space and
> facilities permit.  For some events that will be limited by space, we will
> be providing
> some signup lists -- details forthcoming.
>     We would also request that when you RSVP "yes" you would consider
> making a
> contribution to secure some of the spaces and amenities we will need.  A
> suggested
> contribution is $50 USD.  We welcome your contribution to this effort, with
> money or ideas
> or other help, even if you cannot get to LA in person.  We can all support
> the new
> patching-circle there. (Money contributions, of whatever amount, should be
> made to New
> Blankets Inc. which is a U.S. 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization; so your
> contributions are
> tax deductible if/as those laws apply to you.)
>     Some events and highlights already planned:
>         - VIP guests: Miller Puckette, Hans-Christoph Steiner, Chris
> McCormick, Natacha Diehls
>             ... more invitations are "in the hopper" as well.
>         - Opening reception/build/video-slam at UCSD with Miller Puckette
> Monday April 25
>           (San Diego)
>         - "puredata gym-full" Family Night at the Long Beach Boys and Girls
> Club
>            Wednesday Apr 27
>         - panel discussion with Miller Puckette and puredata developers
> Saturday
>           afternoon Apr 30
>         - concert/party/reception "Music with Miller Puckette and Friends"
> Saturday
>           evening Apr 30 (Miller Puckette, Natacha Diehls, Chris McCormick
> and more ...)
>         - workshops and demonstrations by Hans Steiner, Chris McCormick,
> Miller Puckette
>           and others are being arranged ...  These will be based on what
> the interest/registrations
>           indicate and depending on what spaces/venues in LA can be
> arranged. (Some spaces larger
>           than the CrashSpace location may be required.)
>         - A "goody bag" and other items available for pd_LAunch
>           sponsors/RSVP'rs/contributors to include a 20-lecture puredata
> video course by
>           Miller Puckette, pd_LAunch souvenirs made on the CrashSpace
> Makerbots, live-USB
>           sticks ready to boot-up and run Linux/pd on any computer etc etc.
>         - "Store-front music" a transformation of the street-front of
> CrashSpace into an
>          interactive puredata experience, following up on the CrashSpace
> smash-hit effort for
>          VIMBY. (Get your patch out on the street ...)
> Mark your calendars.  Plan to join us in LA.  All your efforts to help
> start a successful
> patching circle in LA are welcome.  Let us know if we can help with travel,
> lodging or
> other arrangements if you are coming to LA from afar.
>     Workshops/demos being planned (Please suggest others if you like; all
> involve pd/Max patching):
>       - pd for beginners tutorials
>       - homemade-computer instruments "petting zoo" at the Boys and Girls
> Club
>       - GEM and interactive graphics
>       - WebPd -- pd with your web browser
>       - android -- pd on your phone/handheld
>       - motion-interfacing with the Kinect 3D camera
>       - arduino/pduino for real-world interaction and robotics
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