[PD] Dynamic patching with audio - review

Rich E reakinator at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 04:04:23 CET 2011

> Oh, cool, I wasn't aware of that. Can you tell a bit more about the
> performance
> of this approach and how it compares to dynamic patching for dynamic
> instantiation
> of objects/patches?
>  Ciao

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Initial performance is a little faster, as it doesn't take about 1,000 pd
objects to open the patch, just a call to glob_evalfile (through whatever
wrapper you are using to interface libpd), but that wasn't the main concern.
 The biggest bonus for me is that you can instantiate the patches in an
object-orientated manner (and in an object orientate language like python,
java, obj-c, c++, etc), on the fly.  Doing this with dynamic patching
involved using workarounds (like deleting to contents of a subpatch in order
to just delete an embedded patch) which seemed awkward and bug prone.
 Lastly, the $0 value that libpd recovers lets you send signals or messages
to a unique patch, without the need of [namecanvas] - a method that causes a
bag full of problems in itself when it comes to dynamic patch

Dynamic patch loading/unloading (not dynamic patching) could also be done
directly in a pd external, provided the following small patch is accepted (:


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