[PD] pd latency on puredyne 9.10 with Nvidia HDA

joel silvestre j.silvestre at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 30 14:42:50 CEST 2011

Just in case, do you run pd with the rt flag?


Le lundi 28 mars 2011 à 22:02 -0400, Billy Stiltner a écrit :
> On 3/28/11, yvan volochine <yvan.pd at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 03/28/2011 01:22 AM, Billy Stiltner wrote:
> >> I actually tried a smaller patch on both ubuntu studio 10.10 as well
> >> as puredyne 9.10.
> >> On both systems the audio was flawless using a 6ms buffer in pd.
> >>
> >>   So there is nothing wrong with my audio setup.
> >>
> >> But still the larger patch that runs fine on windows with 50ms buffer
> >> will not run without glitching with jack on either linux system.
> >>
> >> There is a difference in gem's default video codec between linux and
> >> windows. However I have tried the patch without even loading gem.
> >>
> >> What else could be the difference between linux and windows with pd?
> >
> > not with pd but there certainly are some differences in how the OS
> > handles your hardware.
> > IIUC you're getting into troubles as soon as the graphics are involved
> > in your patch ? your internal soundcard is Nvidia as well as your
> > graphic card, therefore my idea of trying with an external soundcard so
> > Nvidia chip takes care of graphics only (not sure if that makes sense,
> > coffee mode here).
> > anyway, I wouldn't trust Nvidia for anything else than graphics but
> > maybe that's just me....
> >
> > 0.02 €
> > _y
> >
> yvan, thanks for the suggestion. I will have to try that. I noticed
> that both my sound card and SATA controller are both on IRQ 23 with
> Puredyne. This is not so with windows. Possibly this explains the
> problem. Allthough the glitching occurs when no file writing is
> happening the patch does prepare some files to be written to at
> startup.  The SATA controller is managed by Nvidia as well as the
> sound card. The audio chip(realtek) is separate from the Video and pci
> controller. I have not seen mention of the Realtek drivers for linux.
> So I will try to find out how to get Linux to use a differen't IRQ for
> the SATA controller and see if that does the trick. I don't think the
> BIOS allows for manually setting the IRQs of PCI devices but does
> offer the reserving of IRQs or assigning them to ISA devices. This
> discussion is getting off topic of PD but I would really like to use
> PD with Linux on this machine. I'm probably better off deleting the
> linux partitions though.
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