[PD] jf/data - Data Structure Abstractions

JF saintidle at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 26 12:08:42 CEST 2011

I've a work in progress which could do with some feedback if anybody would like 
to take a look. It is basically a set of helper abstractions a little bit like 
FB's list-abs but for data structures. I wanted to use data structures as arrays 

of information but not be limited to floats like regular tables and also to have 

the ability to extend the functionality with graphical interfaces, nesting and 
other data structure advantages.

They assume that one of the data field values in your defined template acts as 
an index for lookup and uses this index to perform operations with the other 
data field values of the scalar that index addresses.

jf/data/append - Like append.
jf/data/change - Changes values at a particular index.
jf/data/clone - Clones a data subpatch window.
jf/data/delete - Deletes a scalar at a particular index.
jf/data/drip - Serializes objects in a data subpatch window like list-drip.
jf/data/filter - Serializes objects in a data subpatch window that match a 
cross-connected boolean test like list-filter.
jf/data/map - Maps a cross-connected operation onto objects in a data subpatch 
window like list-map.

Download link and instructions on the jf abstractions page...


...Please open the OVERVIEW.pd first which shows the abstractions in action 
using a step sequencer 


Any thoughts you guys might have would be greatly appreciated.


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