[PD] problem with mixer project

Jose Luis Santorcuato santorcuato76 at gmail.com
Sat May 7 05:14:57 CEST 2011

Hi...¿Kernel? ... probablemente debas compilar un kernel de baja
latencia...tiene poca ram y un procesador pequeño, igual debería

Maybe you could compile a low latency kernel... your  processor is slow, but
must go on... check the latency...

Why you use Xubuntu??? try Ubuntu... i worked with open cv, pidip and other
in a little cpu...

Try mixer~ objetct

Best regards


El 6 de mayo de 2011 15:45, Fernando Gadea <fgadea at gmail.com> escribió:

> Hi list!
> I am trying to design a mixer with integrated effects on each channel. The
> effects part is not started yet, and I have a particular problem with the
> mixer itself:
> If I move any slider in my controller to raise the volume of any channel,
> it works perfectly well, but if I move the master level the latency starts
> to get crazy and the resulting values come really slowly, and then if I move
> any other volume slider (of the mixing channels of any other values in the
> master patch, being instrument values or sequencer values) the latency still
> is really big.
> I tryed deleting all the mixing channels and moving the master level slider
> and there is no problem then, so I guess the problem is in the mixing
> channels.
> I also tryed deleting all the instruments and it didn't solve the problem
> neither.
> As you see the mixing channels are all abstractions (canalmezcla n), and
> the master itself is one of these abstractions.
> I am running puredata Extended 0.41.4 in Xubuntu in an HP Pavilion dv
> 1680us 1.83 Ghz + 1 Gb ram. I believe the hardware is not the problem, and
> the rest of the patch works fine.
> Thanks for any tip!
> Fernando
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