[PD] problem with mixer project

Fernando Gadea fgadea at gmail.com
Fri May 6 20:45:55 CEST 2011

Hi list!
I am trying to design a mixer with integrated effects on each channel. 
The effects part is not started yet, and I have a particular problem 
with the mixer itself:

If I move any slider in my controller to raise the volume of any 
channel, it works perfectly well, but if I move the master level the 
latency starts to get crazy and the resulting values come really slowly, 
and then if I move any other volume slider (of the mixing channels of 
any other values in the master patch, being instrument values or 
sequencer values) the latency still is really big.

I tryed deleting all the mixing channels and moving the master level 
slider and there is no problem then, so I guess the problem is in the 
mixing channels.
I also tryed deleting all the instruments and it didn't solve the 
problem neither.
As you see the mixing channels are all abstractions (canalmezcla n), and 
the master itself is one of these abstractions.

I am running puredata Extended 0.41.4 in Xubuntu in an HP Pavilion dv 
1680us 1.83 Ghz + 1 Gb ram. I believe the hardware is not the problem, 
and the rest of the patch works fine.

Thanks for any tip!

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