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Ignacio Aguirre ignacio at independiente.cl
Sat May 21 05:10:26 CEST 2011

Hello all

 im currently working with EWK (great tool!) for my pre grade thesis. i have
a simple question, and hope someone can help me...

 is there a way to know when the last frame from a video is played?

 im editing the ev_vid.pd patch, and putting a "print end vid $1" in the
last outlet of pix_film (it should send a bang when the movie ends) but im
not getting anything. I also try with the [end( message, but still having no

 the idea is when the videos from a group ends, its automatically starts a
second group.

 Thanks for your time guys!

hope to let you know soon about mi thesis made with pd and kinect.

> Hello All!
> I want to announce the official release of the Extended View Toolkit.
> http://puredata.info/Members/Weitsicht/extended-view-toolkit/
> The Extended View Toolkit is a set of abstractions developed for the art
> installation "Extended View streamed".
> It is intended to be an easy solution to experiment and realise panoramic
> video and complex multiscreen projection
> environments to createimmersive media experiences.
> It features a set of abstractions that are able to combine multiple related
> image-sources
> (like video input, video playback) into aconsistent panoramic image.
> The source-material, e.g. the camera to display has to be aligned
> horicontally, since image-combination
> is based on simple, openGL basededge-blending and not algorithmic pix by
> pixel comparison.
> Furthermore it features abstractions to create multi-screen,
> multi-projector environments to enable
> correct representation of (not only)panoramic material. The projection
> abstractions can be combined
> to form big screens out of multiple projectors with softedge
> betweenoverlapping borders of single
> projectors and contain a vertex model that can be adjusted in 4,
> respectively 9 points, so that
> projections onchallenging geometric surfaces is possible.
> Additionally, all abstractions are controllable via OSC-styled
> send/receive-messages, which simplifies
> OSC-based external control.
> Also, since streaming video was part of the project, a gstreamer based
> streaming solution was developed
> by Peter Innerhofer to distribute panoramic/multistream video over
> network.
> It can be found here: [https://github.com/peonic/streaming]
> Libraries needed: mrpeachBuilt with pd 42.6 and GEM 92.3
> Credits:
> Shader Programming/openGL: Cyrille Henry
> GEM: Marian Weger
> Prototyping/GEM: Peter Venus
> Streaming: Peter Innerhofer
> Initiation/Supervision: Winfried Ritsch
> A short demo-clip can be found here: [http://vimeo.com/20311051]
> The project was made possible through support from IEM-Institute for
> Electronic Music and Acoustics (iem.at)
> and CO-ME-DI-A.
> The CO-ME-DI-A project is supported by the Education, Audiovisual & Culture
> Executive Agency (EACEA)
> of the European Comission forthe period 2007 - 2010 ([
> http://www.comedia.eu.org/]).
> Your feedback is welcome!
> Peter
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