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Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
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You can download disis_netsend/receive and other externals directly from the l2ork page I posted in my last email (just click on "join l2orkmania" and then on "software" and it should work with any flavor of pd. It is also a drop-in replacement for vanilla netsend/receive.


P.S. Many thanks for the kind words regarding NIME performance!

Best wishes,


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Jeppi Jeppi <jeppiot at hotmail.com> wrote:

Many thanks...
By the way, nice performance at NIME, I was there. Great drummer, and nice ensemble!
Yep, we use massive networking (I conduct another laptop orchestra, from Barcelona).
We currently use Windows for the servers (because of soundcard driver availability)...is that netsend external available for it? Otherwise I'll check it during the summer, but not for our very next performance which is in two days.......

Josep M

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Are you using any networking?


If so, I encountered similar problems with gui updates in our l2ork setup where netreceive’s polling function (afaik) dispatches message at any time regardless of when the gui thread is taking place. Consequently, in pd-l2ork (Linux only at this point) there are changes in core architecture to address this including disis_netsend/netreceive external that, apart from broadcast and other features, also ensures that incoming messages always are dispatched within the gui update thread.


http://l2ork.music.vt.edu/main/ (click on Software link)







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Hi all,
I know this is quite a recurrent topic...we are having serious issues with PD under Windows. The GUI gets frozen after 15-30min working, possibly due to excess of GUI updates, though not sure about that. The audio thread works and operating with the GUI is still possible, though with no visual feedback.
Would it be a way to overcome that, or to relaunch/reconnect whatever the GUI alone, without having to restart PD?
If removing GUI updates to hidden abstractions might help, I would patienlly remove them all...

Thanks in advance
Josep M

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