[PD] pd-con 2011: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS /weimar carillon

hans w. koch kochhw at netcologne.de
Sun Jun 19 10:16:12 CEST 2011

hi moritz,

lovely idea!
i read this with great interest, as i happen to work on a piece for the tiergarten carillon + electronics in berlin right now.
on the website about the carillon you mention the range of the instrument is almost 3 octaves (35 bells).
but the lowest note is sounding rather  an a (midi 57) instead of an A (midi 45). 
the soundrecording you provide, actually confirms this.
carillons tend to be notated an octave lower, at least the berlin one is, and its lowest bell is g (midi 55), weighting several tons already.

i thought i mention, just before someone wants to go all bassy...

now i have to convert my max-patch for berlin to pd for weimar :-)


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> Subject: [PD] pd-con 2011: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS
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> Dear pd-community,
> you have the chance to rock the bells of weimar city hall!
> During the pd-convention from 8.8-14.8.2011 in weimar there will be  
> the possibility for "little evening concerts" on the porcelain  
> carillon in the tower of weimar cityhall. It is a great opportunity to  
> present your compositions/generated music/etc. in public space on an  
> ancient instrument. The city hall faces the market place - a touristic  
> hotspot of weimar.
> - The concerts will take place every evening during 7p.m and 8p.m.
> - There will be 5 concerts - one for every evening. The pd-con team  
> will select 5 pieces out of your submissions
> - The compositions should not take longer than 12 minutes so they'll  
> fit in between the quarter-hour chime
> - The compositions can be reached in either as a MIDI-file or as a  
> pure-data patch that outputs MIDI-notes (The carillon is MIDI- 
> compatible)
> For more information visit this wiki-page:
> http://www.uni-weimar.de/medien/wiki/PDCON:Porcelain_carillon
> There you'll also find a pure data sample player with the original  
> sound of the bells - so you can test your artwork wherever you are....
> Please send your suggestions/concepts/compositions until latest the  
> moritz.schell at uni-weimar.de
> looking forward to the results and to see you all in weimar,
> frederic, max and moritz
> Moritz Schell
> MKG, Master
> Matrikelnr. 100498
> Trierer Stra?e 42
> 99423 Weimar
> 0170 - 851 08 87
> moritz.schell at uni-weimar.de
> moritzschell at gmx.de

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