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Mon Jun 20 19:51:16 CEST 2011

To all who are interested in composing for the weimar carillon at the  
we collected your questions - answers see below...

which are the possibilities of nuances of amplitude of the "porcelain- 

- technically there are no "nuances" for the touch-response: once you  
played a note the mechanical hammersystem hits the bell with the same  

Repeat rate of a single bell / speed of execution of melody?

- we just sent a request to the guys who build the carillon if there  
is any limitation (techically/concerning "health" of the bells). As  
soon as we have an answer we'll let you know. As far as we tested the  
carillon with a MIDI-Keyboard there were no limitations except the  
speed of our fingers :)

but the lowest note is sounding rather  an a (midi 57) instead of an A  
(midi 45).

- thanks hans for this comment! you seem to be right... The lowest  
note is an a (midi 57)

Is there a full polyphony resp. how many voices can be played  

- as far as we know there is a full polyphonic response. In principle  
you can play 35 bells simulaneously...

thanks a lot for the nice feedback, keep on questioning if things are  
not clear and check the Wiki-page, we'll update it frequently.


frederic and moritz

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